Don't use Nero, period

Growing tired of Nero's inability to handle cue sheets (wanna make Nero crash? Just pick up a cue sheet here and there). This program has so many drawbacks, it's a wonder they still manage to sell it (yes, Ahead, it is normal in 2009 for a computer to become totally unusable for about 30 seconds whenever you insert a CD and Nero is running - background poll-wah?).

The answer: use cdrecord and get back the time and coaster you'd have gotten with Nero.
To burn a CDDA with text from a CUE sheet using cdrecord:
cdrecord dev=1,0,0 -eject - copy -v -text -useinfo -dao cuefile=<some file>.cue
Now, once I get a 64 bit, non cygwin1.dll dependent version of cdrecord in MinGW, I'll be a happy man.

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