redhat/centos services and mdadm quicknotes

Always seem to forget stuff there. The command I'm looking for to manage services/change runlevel on redhat/centos is chkconfig (chkconfig --list).

Also, to re-add a partition to an existing (failed) RAID array:
mdadm /dev/md0 --manage --add /dev/sdb1


Mysql logging

One day or another, you'll want to check what exactly your MySQL server is doing (to check for SQL injections for instance). Therefore:
  • To log all SQL queries, add the following to your my.cnf (in the [mysqld] section)
  • To log queries that actually modify the database:
    If you don't modify the default log-bin parameters, this would create a <servername>-bin.###### & index in your /var/lib/mysql, which you can then analyze with mysqlbinlog

Getting some bloody files from Gigabyte

There's not ONE motherboard manufacturer to save the others. NOT ONE!
Listen, we all know that you're hardware developers, and that providing files is an afterthough, but that is no reason to:
- force customers to use God-awful, slow, and completely useless interfaces on your website when all they want is access BIOSes or drivers
- host your bloody files on a server that must still be powered by DX2 66MHz CPU with 8 MB RAM. Yeah, it really looks that slow from our end!!!
- suddenly decide that you're gonna change all the files location, because it was a bit too convenient for customer to google and access the data directly, so what better way to say "f*ck you!" than changing the interface and means of accessing the files every 6 months or so.

Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Supermicro, whatever: YOUR SUPPORT & DOWNLOADS WEBISTES ALL SUCK, BIG TIME!!!

It's not like we're asking for much. We just want to access the BIOS, drivers and utilities without having to jump in slow motion (or should I say bullet-time, considering how time crawling to a standstill page refreshes appear to be) through hoops. And I won't hold you much of a grudge for designing websites that suck, because that's not your main area of expertise, but having them run on underperforming hardware is hardly the best way to put your customers in confidence.

All this rant to tell you that, if you actually want to download a file from GigaByte, don't bother going to gigabyte.com.tw. Just use ftp://download.gigabyte.ru/