Compiling OpenOCD on Windows 64 systems

This time with libftdi/libusb - just follow the leader. ;)

Or, if you just want my latest (development) installable zip of OpenOCD for Windows 7 64 / Vista 64, try here. Just extract, follow the instructions, and you should have OpenOCD 0.3.0 running on Windows 64 bit in no time.

Took a little while to get this stuff working, because of a very nasty libFTDI bug, as well as the usual hurdle of driver signing for Windows 64. I think the FSF should establish a free driver signing program for well established GPL projects, like OpenOCD, so that we get "Microsoft Approved" signed drivers. That would foil Redmond's obvious attempts to oust OpenSource from Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 (although they'd have to walk into the scheme and pay Microsoft/Verisign for the signing privilege).

There's got to be a way to restore freedom back to the users of Windows OS!

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