Extracting a single DTS/AC3 channel from an MKV file as a PCM WAV

Well, since audio and video software editors are still not there yet, a quick recepy.

Say you have a H264/DTS MKV video file and you want to extract the center channel, as WAV, for easy editing.
  1. Download tsMuxeR and extract the audio stream as a .dts (eg. "multichannel.dts"), using the GUI
  2. Download eac3to and run the following command to convert to a multichannel PCM WAV: eac3to.exe multichannel.dts multichannel.wav
  3. Download wavosaur and open the multichannel WAV. Then kill the channels you don't need, edit the file, etc.
None of the programs above use an installer - they can be extracted and run directly.

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