RE: Installing XBox controller on Vista 64

Well, I already gave you some tips, but each time I do it, it's a complete pain finding the right driver and getting it to work. I'll tell you; there are WAY TO MANY versions of the xbcd driver floating on the internet.

The one you want to use then is the one listed from this thread (0.2.6 at the time of this article - I also put a copy of the installer here if you need). Don't bother installing anything else.
Then the nice thing is that this latest version is already self signed, and the installer will also prompt you to install the driver's root CA, so if you're in test mode, you're golden.

2 things to know though:
- To access the setup utility, you need to have disabled UAC (use msconfig for that). You can re-enable it afterwards
- If you already installed an xbcd driver, or if it simply doesn't appear to work, just select "update driver" on the device, and point it to your Windows\Inf directory. The update should get you sorted.

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